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My name is Melanie Ann Greene.

My pronouns are she, her, and hers. I am UX Designer and Product Marketer. I believe that UX design with business creates a powerful dynamic duo. Being able to understand the values of UX and the values of the business make a fiery combination.

I am an advocate for diversity and inclusion, and I am empowered to do my part in making the world a better place. Empathy is at the core of everything that I do, and everything that I think.

My work style
I believe that we are all unique puzzle pieces and we all have a unique purpose. I strive to look for opportunities to challenge me and work with passionate people. I value collaboration because with collaboration you have diversity in perspective, and thought, which provides an enriching environment. I enjoy learning new topics and expanding my horizons. I am quick to adapt to new circumstances and I keep my calm, cool, collected, positive spirit.

My purpose
I am inspired to make technology accessible for all. I believe that empowering our youth is key in making our society more fair and just. I am passionate about using my education and experience to give back to my community and help our youth. As I am on my journey of life, I am continuing to learn about myself and define my legacy — how I want people to remember me by.

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Throughout my 3 years in the industry, I had the honor of working on exciting projects. Learn more about how I think, my work style, and me!

I am passionate about…

Building a collaborative team culture

Collaboration is key to success! When you have a team that is collaborative you can accomplish anything. As the saying goes ‘teamwork makes the dream work.’

Advocating for diversity

Getting socially involved in different causes enriches your life. By meeting new people, learning their stories, sharing experiences are essential ingredients to diversity.

Supporting women in tech

As a first generation college graduate, a bi-racial woman in tech, I am passionate about seeing move diversity in the tech industry. We all have a lot to bring to the table, and it is important that we bring our chair.

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Melanie Ann Greene
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