Product Launch

Developed content to support the latest and greatest release of NetBackup to enable our sales team and drive market awareness and growth


Four people all responsible for different core areas of the product. 


Responsible for NetBackup core marketing as well as Network Attached Storage (NAS)


Content development


Two months to develop new collateral, update existing, and create educational awareness


Collaboration played a massive role. I created ‘powwow’ sessions for my team and I to meet and discuss our work so that we can have a consistent message and provide each other feedback (Fun fact: powwows have become a part of our team culture). 

We collaborated extensively amongst our team, while also collaborating very closely with product managers and technical marketing engineers – validating our messaging and technical accuracy with them.


For my specific areas, I had to firstly understand three key areas: persona, customer value, and use cases. I needed to understand what features were being introduced in the new release and importantly understand the customer value of them. Then, I had to understand how to translate customer value into a compelling story. Through productive collaboration with my team, we made it happen. I worked with our SCRUM team to manage my assets and get them passed through our creative process.


Enable sales and renewals

Develop new and update existing assets to be used so that they can discuss the customer value of the new release with customers

Share with the market

Create external, customer-facing collateral  to showcase our value and the new functionality of our product while driving awareness  


I kept the needs of the IT Decision Maker and the Backup/Storage Admin forefront while developing the content. Understanding what messaging to create for each persona was crucial.

IT Decision Maker

  • Care about product reliability and managing business risk
  • Need to ensure that the business is operational and ransomware resilient

Backup/Storage Admin

  • They backup data and fix backup jobs if they fail
  • They are an influencer, they help the IT Decision Maker choose the data protection solution


The below are assets that I worked on as well as collaborated on. I led initiatives as well as product managed each deliverable to get them all to completion to meet the deadline.

Data Sheet

  • Updated content and screenshots to reflect new messaging for the new release
  • Collaborated with my team, product managers (PMs), and technical marketers engineers (TMEs) to review updates
  • Worked with creative scrum team to incorporate the changes to the PDF


  • Created content for the blog
  • Worked closely with the product manager to review as well as validate content
  • Managed the publication and social promotion with our social team

Software comparison chart

  • Developed the content for this asset
  • Collaborated closely with the renewals team, PMs, and TMEs to review as well as validate content
  • Iterated content based on feedback
  • Managed the creative design process of the asset with our scrum team

Customer presentations

  • Worked closely with my team to develop content on six customer decks each with specific use cases
  • Shared the decks with TMEs and PMs and iterated the deck based on their feedback
  • Managed the process of uploading the decks to our internal sales tool

Webpage content

  • Developed content for three webpages NetBackup product, What’s New, Ransomware Resiliency
  • Collaborated with my team on the content
  • Worked with design team to share feedback on their mockup of the pages
  • Reviewed implementation and shared feedback to the web team

Updated internal sales tool

  • Managed the process of uploading all of our assets to our internal sales tool
  • Organized how the assets should be displayed
  • Worked with engineering to upload the assets and gave them feedback

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