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I had the honor of meeting and working with incredible and inspiring people in my life. Each one of them had and continue to have an instrumental and profound impact on me. I am grateful for every single one of them for their support, mentorship, guidance, and love.

Dr. James Lawler Distinguished Professor at the Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Jefferson Award Winner

Ms. Melanie Greene is an accomplished design professional in information systems. Ms. Greene is a consistent contributor as a dedicated innovator in a client diversity of projects of technologies. Melanie is an exceptional impactful industry innovator in the marketing nuances of projects of state-of-the-art technology, having highly notable inter-personal skills, and pronounced skills technically, as an industry technologist. Beyond accomplishments in design innovations of projects, Ms. Greene is an awarded innovator as a national noted performer in designing client focused solutions of technologies for disabled and neglected populations of society. Ms. Melanie Greene is and will be an asset to an employer in industry desiring an enthusiastic high-potential professional in the field of information systems technologies, and she is highly recommended by me without reservations.

Thomas Krinke Distinguished Engineer at Veritas Technologies LLC

I worked with Melanie in my role as the Product Architect overseeing systems management when Melanie was a User Experience Designer. Melanie had the daunting task of designing user interactions for our new Microsoft SQL Server data protection and recovery self service capability. This is a critical function of NetBackup and the feature is meant to enable interactions with multiple personas in an enterprise data center. The volume of feedback from users, partners and internal stakeholders on this project was enormous. Melanie was able to aggregate this feedback into actionable design tasks and guide conversations effectively and patiently with many competing data points from a wide variety of stakeholders. Melanie had very little experience with the product coming into the project and her quick up-take of key concepts and keen understanding of human interactions has been truly impressive. Melanie displayed perseverance, patience, excellent communication skills – especially with important customers – and finished a project that we are all very excited about. It has been a pleasure to work with Melanie and I offer my highest recommendation.

Ryutaro Sakai Founder of RealWorldUX LLC, UX design leader

I worked with Melanie at Veritas Technologies LLC between 2017-18. I initially interviewed Melanie as part of the hiring team, and helped her getting started at the company. Melanie is absolutely pleasure to have in your team. She’s a hard worker, humble, always open to people’s suggestions, always eager to learn new things, very easy to work with, and absorb everything really well. During my time at Veritas, I saw her grow from a person fresh out of college to a confident, highly motivated user experience designer who tries to understand a product that she’s designing for from a user’s perspective as much as possible. Melanie also works very closely with PM and engineers, and all the PMs and engineers that she worked with really liked working with her. I was lucky to have her in my team during my time at Veritas. While Melanie may not be the most experienced UX designer out there, I can assure you that she has the right kind of traits and mindset to become a great UX designer. There’s so much growth potential that she has in her future. We established a good, professional relationship since then. Even after I left the company, Melanie kindly helped me launching my own business by participating in my beta test and user research interview sessions. I highly recommend her to work with.

Sean Tu Chief Technology Officer, SVP Engineering & Product Development at VBit Technologies

I was a stakeholder representing Veritas Global Services and Support. Melanie and I worked together improve Veritas Appliance quality through initiatives in UI (User Interface), Ux (User Experience), Cx (Customer Experience), and Sx (Support Experience). She brought her expertise, talents, energy, and positivity to our meetings while always remember to listen to what other stakeholders had to say. When things come to a halt, we would reach out to her and she would always give 100% to help unblock our obstacles. I was impressed by how much she has accomplished at Veritas in such a short period of time but I was not surprised because she worked very hard at it. She is a rising star at Veritas.

Manisha Badola Senior UX Design Manager at Veritas Technologies LLC

Melanie is enthusiastic, proactive, a self-starter with a great attitude. She is compassionate and contributes her time to many great causes (including mentoring an aspiring IT professional from another country as part of the Women In Tech program) Of her many strengths, the three that stick out the most are 1. Her teamwork skills. She is a great team player, willing to pitch in and help out the team however she can 2. Her great work ethic and is an exceptionally hard worker, willing to go the extra mile 3. Her positive, can-do upbeat attitude. I have received feedback from many of her stakeholders that her attitude is so contagious and its to the point where they almost look forward to UX sync meetings with her. Now that is saying something!

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